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How to Prep the Hair for a Protective Style

It is extremely important to prep the hair before installing braids or twists. This is actual the “protection” of the Protective Style. Here are the steps to take right before installation.

Step 1: Cleanse the hair using a Sulfate-free Shampoo. A Clarifying Shampoo will remove product build up from the hair. Next apply a moisture rich Shampoo to add the moisture back to the strands.

Step 2: Condition the hair using a moisture rich conditioner or deep conditioner. When choosing to deep condition, be sure to read and follow the product directions. It is important to adhere to the conditioning time and process.

Step 3: Detangle and Blow Dry the Hair. Detangle the Hair prior to Blow Drying. There are Paddle Brushes that help stretch the strands of hair while blow drying.

In preparation for the braid service, it is important to use as less product as possible prior to your service. If you can avoid it, that is helpful, if not, please use a minimal amount. No edge control or hair gel please.

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